Gloomy universe and icy chilled sounds would be too trivial to sum up Näo. Since more than 4 years and the release of their first eponymous album in 2011 Näo has elaborated, polished and enhanced their realm. The French band from Besançon pursue their search of new sounds, emphasizing the sharp and straightforward aspect of their songs. They echo Indi and Electronic with a touch of new sounds, questioning those genres and making them speak in a new light. Their arrangements are sheared in turns of emotion, by the lively bursts of drums and guitar. Pierre-André Pernin, original member and founder of the band is from now on not alone to make artistic choices. In 2011 Jordan Daverio and Thibault Fellmann joined him to set up the album, III, released in 2014. The arrival of this album was also an opportunity for the band to deeply work on complementary aspects of sounds. On stage Näo has a relentless drive to transcribe a sonorous but also visual atmosphere.

The three musicians are eager to experiment with sounds that urge on your senses, this very one that reverberate through to your stomach. This also comes out in their new stagecraft proposition. That’s how video material became a member of the band in its own right constituting a complete visual and audio performance offered to the audience. Considered as a source of light, video isn’t pulled apart from the writing of the show regarding traditional lightnings. They can successively appear together, try to dominate each other, submit, disappear and reappear…

Näo 2016